Square Enix and Dontnod Entertainment has finally revealed the revised release date for Life is Strange Episode: Out of Time, coming out on March 24th, 2015 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, and PC. The release date was announced during a developer session on EGX Rezzed.

Episode 2 had been delayed from its original March 13th release date, but Dontnod Entertainment assured fans that the episode would still release by the end of the month, and release a piece of concept art to tease fans. Life is Strange Episode 2: Out of Time, will feature the return of Max Caulfield and her rebellious friend Chloe as they dig deeper into the mysteries of their small town Arcadia. Its good to hear that we won’t have to wait long, as I really enjoyed the first episode.


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Tripp Papineau
My name is Tripp Papineau and I am an avid gamer and have a passion for writing. I have graduated from Arkansas Tech University with a BA in creative writing and have been writing as a journalist in the video game industry for three years.

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  1. I am a gamer too. The first time I played this game I wasn’t too impressed, coming from a walking dead season one and two binge. But after some time it grew on me and thought the concept was awesome from the start- rewind, I just wasn’t that into the story yet. But by the end-mid game I was liking it and looking forward to episode 2!!
    BTW Tripp is an awesome name, were you born with that name or were your parents just name creating awesome??

    1. My parents actually picked it because I am the third!

  2. Nice, hope all episodes come out this year, and then I hope I can get a deal on the whole bundle =p

    1. Bought whole season for $20 on amazon. Sounds like a fair price to me.

  3. I enjoyed the first game and immediately purchased the season pass. I have to admit however, that this being my first time playing episodic games, I’m already tired of the 1 month (or more) gap between episodes…

    It’s about as fun as listening to someone talk rreeeaaalll slllllooowwww….

    You lose interest. I’m now wondering if I should just wait until the entire season has been released before continuing from where I left off.

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