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Well, TT Games is at it again with it’s Lego franchise.  Shocking?  Well, actually, yes.  Known for their adaptations of popular movie franchises and a couple of Lego Batman titles, TT Games has surprised the masses and announced Lego Marvel Super Heroes.  A title few thought possible due to Warner Bros. owning both TT Games and DC Comics.

GameInformer has revealed that their February issue will feature the newly announced game on full display.  The front cover shows off fan favorites Iron Man, Wolverine, Captain America and Hulk.  While the back features Spider-man, Thor, Black Widow and Deadpool all chasing down a thoroughly outmatched Loki.  The full back to front cover is displayed below.

In the YouTube video released with the announcement (below), the developers mention how cool it would be to fight against fan favorite super villain Galactus.  Hawk Eye and Magneto are seen mingling around at one point in the video as well.  Oh, and watch closely at the 1:01 mark as we get to see Hulk smash Iron Man to pieces.  It all appears to be testing footage at this point, but nonetheless it’s excited stuff for Marvel fans.



A 2013 release date was mentioned but a specific month was not.  It will be available to essentially every platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita and PC.  2012 may have been the year of The Avengers, but 2013 is going to be owned by Marvel as a whole.



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