Legendary film critic Roger Ebert has passed away today, he was 70 years old. He had a long battle with cancer since he was admitted to the hospital late last year. It was only a couple of days ago that he announced that he would lighten his workload due to this health. Ebert was known for his analysis and criticism on films and constantly kept in touch with us via his blog through his paper on the Chicago Sun Times and on Twitter.

He made a big splash with gamers when he expressed his critical thought on the topic of video games being art. He expressed that video games can never be art and that continues to be a big topic of debate till this day.  Back in 2010 after he made his statement he went back and provided a more critical analysis on the topic and gave some reasoning as to why he made his statement. Whether you agreed with him or not or didn’t have a similar point of view as he did, there is no denying that Roger Ebert was a major influence in the film industry for all his years.

RIP Roger, OnlySP offers our condolences to his family and friends.

Jereme Puik
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  1. A true legend. Rest in peace, Roger.

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