With the launch of the The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD  just over a week away, Nintendo are speeding up the hype train just  a little bit with a new video showing the new graphical improvements gamers can expect to see when the game launches on March 4.

The video below compares the graphics of the original GameCube release to the arguably improved WiiU version. The improvements are clear to see which includes a higher resolution, better textures and improved lighting and shading. It just looks a lot cleaner and detailed all round.

Best of all, (for soft paws like myself at least), since the WiiU verison is based on the GameCube version and not the more widely available Wii version, Link’s left-handed again.

All in all, the game is looking great, though arguably it doesn’t look like Nintendo have given Twilight Princess quite as much of a graphical overhaul as they did to Wind Waker, which in my mind seems a bit odd considering Twilight Princess hasn’t aged quite as gracefully as its cel shaded predecessor has.

Anyone else a little disappointed that this doesn’t live up to the original Zelda demo shown when the WiiU was revealed? Who couldn’t care less since it’s such a great game anyway?

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