It’s a new chapter in a story that has been bouncing back and forth more violently than Olympic-level ping pong. In a couple of emails obtained by Kotaku, Arkane Studios Creative Director Raphael Colantonio seems to indicate that Arkane’s Austin studio is working on Prey 2, the long-awaited sequel of 2K Games’ 2006 space-based first-person shooter Prey.

If you’re just joining this news story now, here’s a quick recap of the events thus far. In 2011, Chris Rhinehart, co-founder of Prey developer Human Head Studios, announced that Bethesda would be publishing the game’s sequel. About a year later, development of Prey 2 ground to a halt, though officials were eager to remind everyone the game was not cancelled. Earlier this year, signs started popping up that the game was back on track and ready to be revealed.

Right before summer started, Kotaku revealed that Arkane Studios, the developer behind Dishonored, had taken over production of Prey 2. But the rumor didn’t go unchallenged. Almost immediately, a writer for Human Head’s Prey 2 came forward on Twitter saying that Human Head had already developed a full game. Finally, about two weeks ago, Bethesda VP Pete Hines said that Human Head was still behind the reins of Prey 2, offering what seemed like a pretty solid end to the debate.

Now, this new report from Kotaku suggests that Arkane Austin is, after all, now behind developing Prey 2, though they’re doing it from scratch. Meanwhile, Arkane’s home studio in Lyon, France, is still working on the Dishonored franchise. According to the email, Arkane’s version of Prey 2 will draw from the System Shock franchise, the spiritual predecessor to Bioshock.

Don’t expect this to be the be-all, end-all for this story. Intracompany emails have a tendency to give premature or incomplete news, and Bethesda has so far been oddly quiet. At the very least, though, it lets us know that Prey 2 is still on the table, even if we don’t know exactly whose table it is.

Source: Kotaku

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