With details and a trailer for The Order: 1886 coming tomorrow, some .gifs of the game in action have snuck out.  Some snaps of The Order: 1886, showing the third person shooter gameplay in action have been leaked, as well as some melee quick time events and some generally gruff men with guns and swords being generally gruff. The second .gif lines up with the translated text that we reported on earlier today, talking about how the combat in The Order: 1886 has some similarities to the hand-to-hand combat found in The Last of Us

You can see the .gifs below.

i7fsbug5tX9rf The Order: 1886 leaked gifs and screenshots

ibtB0HSANCRf6M The Order: 1886 leaked gifs and screenshots

i8Mae09W1eJMM The Order: 1886 leaked gifs and screenshots

Ready At Dawn’s The Order: 1886 is set for a Fall 2014 release on PS4. We’ll bring you all the details of tomorrow’s infodump when we can.

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