Warner Bros. may have attempted to develop a number of Superman games over the last five years according to leaked concept art.

ResetEra user Reverse-Flash2024 shared several Twitter leaks from James Sigfield that suggest that the publisher has actively tried to produce a Superman game. Concept art revealed a number of different potential projects that were all canceled.

According to the leaks, Warner Bros. asked for pitches in 2013, the first of which was an open-world game similar to Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man.

WB Montreal then proposed Superman: Unborn in 2014. The title would have featured Doosmday and a host of other villains battling in a Kryptonian city.

Exactly why a Superman game has failed to get past the concept phase is not known, but none of the leaked concepts moved into production. The leaks also claim that the main reason for failing to produce a Superman game is due to the inability of the Arkham series engine to handle flight simulation.

Rumors circulated in 2018 that Arkham series developer, Rocksteady had taken on the Superman IP. However, studio co-founder Sefton Hill denied the team was developing a title based on the Man of Steel.

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  1. You never revealed this first. Some dude on twitter did and you’ve just stolen what he revealed. Co ck eater

    1. We never claimed to have revealed it first. We’ve attributed both the ResetEra user and Twitter user who brought the leaks to light, so we haven’t “stolen” anything—just shared.
      Nice to know you’re homophobic though.

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