Bloober Team have announced that their terrifying first person adventure game Layers of Fear, will be unleashed on February 16 for PlayStation 4, PC (Windows/Mac/Linux) and Xbox One, where it is currently available in early access.

Telling the Lovecraftian tale of a tormented painter battling his inner demons while obsessively attempting to create his magnum opus, Layers of Fear looks set to be one of the best horror games of the year.

“We can’t wait to finally show the world the full scope of our masterpiece of fear,” said Piotr Babieno, chief executive officer at Bloober Team. “And we’re glad that there are other people who share our enthusiasm. Working with Aspyr is pure pleasure! They immediately got what we were trying to achieve with ‘Layers of Fear’ and happily dived into our world of madness.”

Check out the new announcement trailer below, So do you think Layers of Fear is pure nightmare fuel or do you think it’s as scary as a fart in an elevator? Tell us what you think in the comments, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all things Single Player including the latest on Layers of Fear











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