To coincide with the release, a trailer for 35MM has been published by the developers.

35MM is a post-apocalyptic game based in Russia as two travellers seek to traverse across the wasteland where humanity once lived. You explore buildings while trying to gather scraps of food, weapons and other supplies left behind. In addition you are required to solve quests to help continue on your journey, although what these quests could entail is unknown.

As you wander what is left after humanity is gone, you capture as much as you can on your 35MM camera. Perhaps to help preserve what is left into a physical form, or as a memento of the journey behind you. A lot is unknown of your character’s motivation, including where you and your companion are going, just that the road ahead of you continues. So you walk on.

Sadly, as of writing, it has a 33% positive score rating on Steam with only 9 reviews. Maybe it’ll pick up? Keep an eye out for a review from OnlySP in the next couple days.

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