Last Epoch

The first playable Alpha build of the action time-bending RPG Last Epoch is now available for some Kickstarter backers and late-adopters.

Developed by Dallas-based Eleventh Hour Games, Last Epoch’s Alpha build is now available for Elder tier and higher Kickstarter backers. Several more supporter tiers are available to get either a preorder of the full game, Alpha access, and cosmetic upgrades including Primordial Turtle pets and the Ancient Portal skin.

Last Epoch tasks players with an open-ended quest through time to prevent their world of Eterra from being swallowed by The Void. As the Traveler, players must hop-scotch across the history of Eterra all while learning the origins of, and how to prevent the havoc already wrought by, The Void.

Players have a choice of one of five base character classes: the Knight, Mage, Rogue, Primalist, or Acolyte. From these base classes, players can then advance to one of 15 mastery classes, including the Beastmaster, Spellblade, and Necromancer.

Other features that Last Epoch boasts include: an active and passive skills system allowing deep customization; randomized loot with unique, set, and legendary items; four eras of time to explore while hacking-and-slashing, and; multiple story ending paths.

Check out the Kickstarter trailer for the game below. Stay up-to-date with us here at OnlySP on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for all the latest on Last Epoch, as well as other news, previews, reviews, opinions, and more in the world of single-player video games.

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