Mass Effect Andromeda

Update 3/24/17: Mass Effect Andromeda now as much as 27% off. See below.

It’s Monday night and we’re just hours away from the release of Bioware’s Mass Effect Andromeda. This always means we’re just hours away from the chance to pick up Mass Effect Andromeda as a pre-order, which has several interesting discounts and gift card bonuses.

Mass Effect Andromeda Deals

The deal you’ll really want to pre-order before tomorrow’s release is from Dell Home. Now through tomorrow morning at 6AM Pacific, Mass Effect Andromeda will get a bonus $25 eGift Card bonus. It’s a huge value which makes up a whopping 42% the $60 value of Mass Effect Andromeda. This deal will not be around for long.

Arguably the best deal on PC is at GMG where an impressive 20% price break can be had cutting the game to $47.99. The catch is that GMG is based in the UK and only giving out game keys after the March 23 European release date. North American buyers won’t have to worry about region difficulties with GMG, but they will likely miss the March 21 North American release date.

Just ask yourself if waiting two days is worth saving twelve bucks… if you’re busy with work or school anyway, maybe it’s a good idea. If you have free time and can’t wait, maybe $12 isn’t worth it.

On console there’s always ways to get discounts, but you’ll need to have a paid membership to either Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked or Amazon Prime. Buying through either will get you 20% off a physical disc copy for the Xbox One or PS4.

Amazon and Best Buy’s membership programs are great if you buy several new or pre-order video games a year, but not just for Mass Effect Andromeda alone. Best Buy’s GCU program will run you $30 for a two year membership, and is the better of the two programs if you consistently buy several new titles a year. Amazon’s Prime is much more expensive, being $100 a year, but is also more useful for real life situations with its free 2-day shipping on anything sold by Amazon.

Not all the deals above will be valid after the March 21 release date. Dell’s offer is currently set to expire in the early AM hours of March 21, however there have been rare instances, like Halo Wars 2 where Dell has extended their $25 Gift Card bonus, so if you catch this post-release it may still be worth checking. GMG’s 20% discount on PC is likely to continue on at least through Mass Effect Andromeda’s March 23 UK release date. The Amazon Prime 20% discount will go now through April 4 (two weeks after release).

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