baldur's gate III

Larian Studios is teasing a new project and, thanks to some digging, evidence suggest that it may be Baldur’s Gate III.

Shown on the studio’s website are the three glowing slashes with no text (see above). However, thanks to some digging done by Twitter user @kunkken, the image below shows what appears to be mentions of Baldur’s Gate III in the site’s coding.

baldur's gate III

For those unfamiliar with the studio, Larian is best known for creating 2017’s critical hit, Divinity: Original Sin 2. Baldur’s Gate has typically been known to be a BioWare title, though Larian could still oversee development.

Recently, BioWare veteran James Ohlen joined a new studio under the Wizards of the Coast umbrella. Ohlen worked as a leading designer on the original Baldur’s Gate and as director on the RPG’s sequel. This makes the mentioning of the Wizards of the Coast names in the above image all the more juicy. Of course, Ohlen and Wizards’s connection may not be quite as strong as it may seem, though the connections are certainly noteworthy.

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