Lair of the Clockwork God

Announced with a striking gameplay trailer, Lair of the Clockwork God promises to bring “a reinvention of the point-and-click genre.”

The developer, named Ben and Dan Adventures, consists of long-time friends and collaborators Ben Ward and Dan Marshall, famous for their 2008 release Ben There, Dan That, which took the fourth wall and smashed it to pieces.

Since then, both have embarked on different projects, with the most recent release being Marshall’s The Swindle, which released in 2015.

Lair of the Clockwork God promises to recapture some of that good-humoured, contrast-heavy game design that gave Marshall and Ward their early spark.

The title’s main characters are Ben and Dan themselves as they navigate a cutesy, point-and-click world whilst discussing a range of meta-defying topics.

Aside from the dialogue and aesthetics, what stands out most from Lair of the Clockwork God‘s four-minute trailer is its inventive, Scribblenauts-like combination of items to solve puzzles.

The game’s Steam page lists a release date of 31 August, with the press release and trailer listing a loose date of 2019. For those interested, give the trailer a gander below:

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