The possibility of the upcoming Metroidvania-style game Kunai coming to other platforms or receiving DLC depends on its sales.

In an interview with OnlySP at PAX South 2020, Turtleblaze’s Benjamin de Jager discussed post-launch plans for the game. Kunai is slated for release on Nintendo Switch and PC, and when asked about the game coming to other platforms, de Jager noted, “We hope to! But it all depends on the sales of the game in the future.”

de Jager also commented about a physical release for Kunai, as well as merchandise. “I think we all want that, but if we have to see if we can make that work. Buy the game! Because it will help,” he continued. Additionally, Jager mentioned that Turtleblaze had a time trial mode in Kunai for its Gamescom demo two years ago and that it was very well received. He said that if the game sells well, he would like to add that time trial mode back in again with leaderboards.

Kunai releases on February 6 for Nintendo Switch and PC.

Stay tuned for the full interview with de Jager later today.

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