8 bit adventure title Shovel Knight is gearing up to make a splash on the Xbox One and PS4, with all new hidden bosses.  Out for over year, most people who were planning to buy it already did. Yacht Club Games knows they have an uphill battle so they added a few new goodies into the mix. Xbox One players will be receiving a new boss, the Battletoads and PS4 players are getting the same treatment. The PS4 versions new boss? The God of War himself, Kratos.


Announced by Sony at last years Playstation Experience it wasn’t until this week that gamers were told how Kratos would be involved. Shovel Knight creators hopped on the Sony Blog this week to announce that Kratos will be a secret boss. Yacht Club Games told players to Keep your eye out for secrets… and possibly even double secrets, to learn how to discover this battle” After wading through the secrets to find him, Kratos will appear on the world map in a similar way to Shovel Knight’s other mini bosses.

According to Yacht Club Games finding Kratos will be the easy part. Using his Blades of Chaos Kratos isn’t going to be a pushover, bashing Shovel Knight all across the stage. If gamers are able to beat the God of War, Yacht Club Games teased that “Maybe Shovel Knight learns a trick or two from Kratos….” Of course the developer doesn’t plan on telling us what those new tricks might be. We’ll have to figure that out for ourselves when Shovel Knight launches on the PS4 April 21st.

It’s no coincidence that Kratos is making a cameo appearance in Shovel Knight; this year marks God of War’s 10th anniversary. Sony is doing all they can to celebrate the event, including releasing a remastered version of God of War 3. The vengeful Spartan showing up in Shovel Knight is just another way for Sony to let us all have some fun with Kratos.

Source: Playstation Blog

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