King's Quest

UPDATE: The Odd Gentlemen is taking a rather unusual approach with its latest project.

Rather than making a fully-fledged new game, as many fans may have expected, the team has revealed Dark Tropic, an interactive comic set to receive daily updates via Twitter for a month. The comic will be playable via the microblogging platform, and fans will be able to vote on the path the story takes.

A release date has not yet been announced.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Odd Gentlemen, the developer behind the episodic adventure game King’s Quest, recently tweeted that a new project is in the works with artist Evan Cagle.

King’s Quest was a reimagining of a classic 80’s RPG beloved by many. The game featured a gorgeous art style and a well-written, humorous story that encapsulated the essence of the older generation of gaming.

With a so far undisclosed project underway, the status of the new project from The Odd Gentleman is unclear: it may be another remake or perhaps a brand new IP. One thing that is known is that the developers will be working once more with artist Evan Cagle. Cagle previously worked on the art for King’s Quest and is known for his incredibly detailed black-and-white imagery posted on his various social media accounts.

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