Kingdom Hearts III

After taking 14 years to create, Kingdom Hearts III accomplished more than simply tying up loose ends. The gap since Kingdom Hearts II was full of spin-offs and prequels that focused on the series’s lesser known protagonists: Roxas, Aqua, Ventus, and Terra. These titles provided insight into a fragmented story, culminating into a cohesive narrative.

In the beginning, Kingdom Hearts introduced a young, naïve boy who would go on to become the series’s main protagonist and one of the greatest Keyblade wielders of them all. The Keyblade, a legendary weapon used to unlock/lock doors between worlds, seeks out potential individuals through out different worlds. However, not all wielders use this power honorably. Some seek to abuse this power, such as Keyblade master Xehanort.

During the events of Kingdom Hearts II, fans were introduced to everyone’s favorite “nobody” Roxas. Nobodies are heartless beings born from a person’s heart taken by darkness. During the events of the first game, Sora sacrificed himself, turning into a Heartless, thus spawning the nobody Keyblade wielder Roxas.

The series’s prequel, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, introduced three heroes as they fight to prevent the events yet to come. Keyblade wielders Aqua, Terra, and Ventus are on the path to earn their mastery title when Xehanort puts his plans into motion. Xehanort uses Terra’s latent darkness against him, using him as a pawn to kill his long time rival, Master Eraqus. This causes a chain of events that comes together in Kingdom Hearts III.

Bringing all the Keyblade wielders together was always a fan’s dream prior to Kingdom Hearts III‘s release, and the developers at Square Enix did not disappoint. For the first time in the franchise’s history, all three parties of heroes were on the same battlefield. This assembly leads to emotionally powerful moments between characters who had only heard of each other’s existence through King Mickey or the wizard Yensid.

Xehanort, has been cultivating an epic showdown worth the long wait. All of his pieces fell into place as the Keyblade wielders assembled for a final, decisive battle between light and dark. This moment is where Kingdom Hearts III truly shines. The spotlight bounced around to multiple heroes in their own struggle against Xehanort and his allies. Roxas was reunited with a friend thought to be dead; Aqua was able to rescue Ventus from his eternal slumber; and Sora, uniting everyone together, fulfilled his destiny. Players were able to control each hero from all three groups to give each one a truly satisfying ending.

Kingdom Hearts III did more than meet the expectations of fans—it exceeded them. The fun, fast paced gameplay gave players the full arsenal of a Keyblade master. Beyond that, the finale struck an emotional chord, giving fans a satisfying ending to a saga that has run for nearly 20 years.

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  1. I disagree.
    Graphically and music wise it is amazing.
    Critical mode does improve the game but aside from it, the game is so piss easy to the point of being boring. The ride skills should have NEVER made it in the full game, summons are insanely over powered, magic is also insanely over powered, limits cost nothing now so spam away, your team mates are more useless than ever, the Worlds are very nicely build but what you do in them is so dissapointing. Frozen is easily the worst level I have played in a Kingdom Hearts game. The story removes deaths so any sacrifice is undone, no Final Fantasy characters, the writing in the worlds story is so hilariously bad (Frozen again, worst offender), the KH story feels even more distant from the Disney Worlds, the gummi ship sections are a boring slog and why does all the story happen in the last 3 hours? Why is there no Dark World section? Why can we not go through Castle Oblivion? Why is there no Radiant Garden? Why after all this time did NO ONE inform Sora and co what happened during chain of memories? Why is Xion back? Why is Demyx back? Why are they setting up events for Kingdom Hearts 4? Can we first finish this saga properly before you set up the events for the next one?

    And no. The DLC does not excuse the FF characters. Kingdom Hearts was a mash up between Disney and FF. You had 13 years or so. What happened?

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