Kingdom Come

The technical differences between consoles for Kingdom Come: Deliverance have been confirmed by PR Manager for Warhorse Studios, Tobias Stolz-Zwilling.

Stolz-Zwilling was happy to reveal that the game will be graphically superior on the Xbox One X, running at 1440p with additional visual features including better shadow and lighting quality. This benchmark is followed by the PlayStation 4 Pro, running at 1080p with slightly diminished graphical effects, and then the standard PS4 and Xbox One, running at 900p. Stolz-Zwilling also discussed the limitations of the game’s engine, CryEngine 3.8.6, preventing some graphical features from being used, such as support for High Dynamic Range devices.

Stolz-Zwilling’s extended interview is available on WCCFTech. One of the more interesting things he mentioned was the question of mod support, with Warhorse seemingly unsure of how to implement features for the modding community. However, the team seems keen, and the game looks rife for modding. One thing that modders may wish to add in is a ‘hardcore mode’, something Stolz-Zwilling mentioned as a possible future addition to address the lack of any difficulty slider for an already challenging game.

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