Kingdom Come: Deliverance

In Warhorse Studios’s latest video update for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, director Daniel Vávra has revealed some impressive development statistics for the game.

Vávra said the development team spent 740,000 “man hours” creating the game, and the team itself grew from two dozen people to over 100. The game’s map also grew significantly in size, from nine square kilometres to 16, with 115 quests and activities available to players. The game’s environment artist created 8,000 3D models, and, in total, placed nearly 1.5 million trees in the game world.

The game features a total of 220 minutes of cutscenes. The screenplay—which consists of 1.1 million words—was recorded in three different languages (110 hours of recording for each language) by 50 actors. As each line of dialogue requires the designers to implement emotions for the characters, a total of 35,000 emotions were crafted. The game includes 2,300 unique characters and 700 different pieces of clothing. For the characters, the team captured tens of thousands of animations—thousands for combat alone. The game has two hours of orchestral music, and several hours of procedurally-generated music.

In the video, Vávra also spoke about the project’s conception and early development: in 2009, Vávra and producer Martin Klíma began looking for investors for the game, which took almost two years. In the two years that followed, a team of a dozen developers developed a prototype, which they showed to potential publishers. Although the publishers liked the concept, Vávra states they felt the game would not sell well. As a result, Warhorse took the game to Kickstarter, where it was successfully funded with over £1.1 million. Since then, Warhorse has released 68 videos—including updates, trailers, and gameplay—leading up to the game’s release earlier this week. Throughout development, a total of 40,000 bugs have been squashed, Vávra revealed.

Mitch added Kingdom Come: Deliverance to his list of RPGs to watch out for in 2018, and OnlySP’s official review is coming next week. To catch it, be sure to bookmark OnlySP and follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Tumblr.

Rhain Radford-Burns
Rhain discovered a long time ago that mixing one of his passions (video games) with the other (writing) might be a good idea, and now he’s been stuck in the industry for over six years with no means of escaping. His favourite games are those with deep and captivating narratives: while it would take far too long to list them all, some include L.A. Noire, Red Dead Redemption (and its sequel), Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Last of Us, and the Uncharted series.

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