Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Rather than letting players live out a fantasy, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is intended to capture the reality of life in 15th century Bohemia.

Developer Warhorse Studios has made statements previously about the adherence to historical realism and the company’s PR Manager Tobias Stolz-Zwilling was keen on emphasising that again in a recent interview with VG24/7.  Stolz-Zwilling made clear that this realism will set Deliverance apart from other RPGs such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim due to restrictions on what is possible. “You’re never going to become a king or a ruler or something like that—instead it’s about really immersive storytelling that tries to show you for real how the medieval ages looked in the year 1403.”

Stolz-Zwilling’s key message was that the game was created for the fans who demanded it. In his own words: “For us it was sink or swim—if we failed, we wouldn’t be sitting here today, but it didn’t, and that was the indicator that there was a market and that people wanted this game.” Warhorse has been keen to take feedback on any inaccuracies spotted in the game’s five alpha builds to make the experience as authentic as possible.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance begins in 1403 A.D. and takes place in the Kingdom of Bohemia in the Holy Roman Empire during an invasion and war over the disputed claim to the Kingdom. Warhorse has been working hard for historical realism, with Czech musicians providing period-appropriate music for the score and architects and historians recreating historical Bohemian castles and era-appropriate weaponry and clothing.

Warhorse has also aimed to find a balance between hyper-realism and fun gameplay(although hyper-realism may be fun to play for a historian). As such, Deliverance will not allow the player to take over the kingdom, but they will have a long-lasting impact on a persistent, living world. Stolz-Zwilling also espoused the quicksave mechanic, designed to stop players from spamming the button by forcing player characters to drink every time a quicksave is used and feel the full effects of over-use.

OnlySP covered Kingdom Come: Deliverance previously in our preview, so be sure to give that a look for our hands-on impressions of the game.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is due for release on February 13, 2018. For more news on the game and Warhose Studios, be sure to check out OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter.

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