In the latest Kickstarter update for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, creative director Daniel Vávra provided an update on the game’s expected release date.

According to Vávra, the development of Kingdom Come is taking a bit longer than they expected due to a couple factors. First off, more content is being added to the game than was originally planned. Vávra says that about 100 quests will now be included in the game, and that Warhorse Studios will need some extra time to get those completed and up to their quality standards.

The other reason is due to other issues that have arisen during development that have slowed things down a bit. Vávra now expects the game to release sometime around the Summer of 2016. Warhorse Studios wants to make sure they release the highest quality game possible, rather than releasing a game that’s incomplete and unpolished.

However, Vávra did announce that a new Alpha will be arriving in the next three months that will introduce most of the game’s essential mechanics. This includes, horse mechanics, combat and a new, larger portion of the game world that includes a big new quest. Following that Alpha, he expects another to release near the end of the year, and then the Beta following that.

Vávra said that the beta version of the game will be similar to the format of Wasteland 2’s in that it will include the first portion of the game and be released through Steam Early Access.

Finally,  Warhorse Studios are planning to be at E3 this June.

You can watch the full video update just below for the full set of details. Vávra’s English is a tad hard to understand so I did the best I could with transcribing it above. Stay tuned to OnlySP for further details on Kingdom Come: Deliverance by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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