Developer IronOak Games has released a teaser trailer for For The King, an indie RPG with turn-based combat.

Inspired by classic role-playing games like NetHack, Ultima, Wizardry and the early Final Fantasy games, For The King aims to be an “old school” RPG in the vein of the aforementioned, but with modern and unique mechanics.

The teaser trailer for the game suggests that players will be able to choose the class they desire to play as among common RPG tropes such as a mage or a warrior, departing on a grand adventure with allies from humble beginnings to eventually become a hero.

A Kickstarter for ‘For The King’ will be launching in September 2015. Stay tuned to OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for further coverage regarding For The King.

Reginald Perodin
I like to follow video game news, especially when it's about the Japanese industry. I'm a big fan of the Persona and Ace Attorney series, and I am the lead editor of Persona Central.

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