The funding campaign for IronOak Games’ For The King has begun on Kickstarter, and it has already more than doubled its initial goal in the first few days of its campaign.

IronOak were originally looking for around $30,000 but the campaign so far has raised over $60,000 and with 20 days left three stretch goals have already been achieved, with two more within reach. On the Kickstarter page, the game is described as “an epic single or multiplayer RPG adventure that spans across the realms” and offers turn-based combat and a large landscape that regenerates with each playthrough to ensure that each experience is unique.

Stretch goals unlocked so far are extra skins and new map areas, with the possibility of new classes on the horizon. They have also stated that ports for the Xbox One and the PS4 are possibilities, but only after the game has been released on PC and Mac.

To check out their Kickstarter page click here.

Sep Gohardani

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