King Demavend, the ruler who featured in The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings‘s now-iconic trailer, will be a major character in Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales.

Demavend, King of Aedirn, was an important character in The Witcher 2, despite having no in-game screen time. His death at the hands of Letho set off the regicidal events of the second and third games, so his involvement in Thronebreaker should hopefully tie-up some narrative loose ends.

Aedirn is set to feature as one of the five kingdoms in Thronebreaker, with players spending quite a lot of playtime in that realm. The other four realms players will see are Lyria and Rivia, led by the protagonist Queen Meve, as well as Angren and Mahakam.

For context, Demavend is portrayed as an excellent general and tactician in the Witcher lore. However, as a foil to Meve, a few negative aspects of his character may be put front and center, namely the king’s love of alcohol and hatred of nonhumans.

CD Projekt RED, as part of the reveal, expanded on the flawed king:

“[He] is restless. Always yearning for more, with eyes fixed somewhere far away on the horizon. Demavend feels he’s destined for more. Sadly, Demavend is also impatient. He wants too much, too soon – fighting all his neighbours at once, constantly changing his advisors, introducing sweeping reforms every few months, before the last round of decrees is even implemented. If not successful, he becomes increasingly frustrated and turns to simple pleasures – exquisite food, sweet wines. A great rules who becomes soft and lazy. Is Demavend a bad king? Hard to say. But he is definitely too eager to be a great one.”

Thronebreaker is a surprise package for Witcher fans, blending the deep tactical and geopolitical lore of the series with RTS and card game-inspired gameplay. The series is set to feature the same penchant for tough choices and long-term consequences as the mainline games. CD Projekt implied back in July that it would be returning to the Witcher series by 2021, sparking intense rumours of The Witcher 4.

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