Iron Galaxy, one of the studios behind Microsoft’s Killer Instinct reboot, has announced a new action game called Extinction set for release in early 2018.

The game takes place in a medieval-styled high fantasy world where humanity is threatened by a race known as the Ravenii. Standing over 150 feet tall, the Ravenii are ogre-like beings who are accompanied by smaller minions. Players assume the role of a warrior from an ancient order trained in the methods required to dispatch their giant adversaries.

Although the premise of the story is uninspired, the advertised gameplay is more exciting.

Extinction promises fast-paced action gameplay melded with strategy and RPG elements. Overcoming the challenges posed by the Ravenii will mean making use of both horizontal and vertical traversal mechanics, while also using parkour-inspired wall runs and mid-air vaults. The character’s primary abilities, meanwhile, will be developed through an expansive skill tree that allows players to tailor the game to their particular style.

The game will also reportedly feature a “deep” story, that challenges players to save as many civilians as possible, and, as is increasingly common, the main campaign will be accompanied by a series of side missions that provide opportunities to earn upgraded equipment and additional skills.

To coincide with today’s announcement, the developers and publisher Maximum Games have released a cinematic trailer aimed at conveying the style and premise of the Extinction:

The game will reportedly be shown in more detail during E3, with further information to follow throughout the remainder of the year.

Extinction is currently targeting a release in early 2018 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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Damien Lawardorn
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