Originally announced on the brink of Sony’s PlayStation 4 press conference, Murdered: Soul Suspect by Square Enix appeared suddenly, then melded back into the shadows. Not much was known about the game other than that the main character, Ronan O’Connor, was mysteriously murdered and his ghostly spirit was out to solve the case. Recently, more information has come to light in a spot trailer.

The trailer shows the savage murder of the main character and displays a new multi gun shot logo in glorious style. According to Gamespot, the spiritual world in the trailer is called Dusk. From here, O’Connor lacks the ability to speak with the living, but can read the minds and actions of detectives investigating his murder with supernatural abilities. Rumours suggested the game would be set in Salem, the location of the brutally unfair witch trials and executions of 1692. O’Connor can converse with the spirits of the Salem ghosts and use their knowledge to learn about the killer and case.

While there is no news of a next-gen version of the game, Murdered: Soul Suspect will be arriving on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. More information will be shown off at E3 in the coming week.

Source: Gamespot




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