Ghost Theory

The reality-inspired ghost-hunting horror game Ghost Theory has reportedly been cancelled, as expected funding from Crytek failed to materialise.

As reported on Dark Side of Gaming, the latest Kickstarter update for the game (available only to backers of the project) explains that the team was forced to end production after “millions of dollars” that was promised as part of Crytek’s Indie Development Fund was not forthcoming.

The development team, Dreadlocks, wrote that it was “lured” into changing its engine from Unity to CryEngine thanks to the chance of gaining that extra money. However, Crytek was unable to deliver the pay packet, and instead could only offer the team free licences for use of the engine. Consequently, the developer was unable to pay its staff, leading to the cancellation.

Ghost Theory raised more than GBP£55,000 during its Kickstarter campaign back in early 2016, but that was never intended to be the full amount required for the game’s development. Instead, the team would reinvest money made from its previous project, Dex, as well as seeking external funding, which is why it applied to Crytek.

However, the claims made by Dreadlocks may be misleading, as Crytek’s Indie Development Fund began with only $1 million being invested by the company, with additional funding to be contributed by the community.

Ghost Theory was originally slated to launch in September 2017. However, even at the last public update for the game, published in July 2017, the team was lamenting the difficulties in finding a publisher for its ambitious project.

The game was set to cast players as a paranormal investigator, exploring real-world locations using equipment such as UV lamps and full-spectrum cameras.

Thanks to reader Urosh Uchiha Novakovic for the tip!

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