Looking for another fix of psychological horror? Well if you are interested in acquiring some fresh nightmares then the creators of Visage are looking for backers via Kickstarter to get their game off the ground. We’ve got some new details for you if you are on the fence, released this week by SadSquare Studio.

Taking place inside a 1980’s mansion that has seen the demise of generations of families, your goal is to decipher exactly what has happened to each of these families while witnessing first-hand their grisly deaths through fragments of history within the household.

“Each death has its Visage. Will you look into its eyes?”

Gameplay will involve traversing through gloomy hallways and exploring many “dead rooms,” as well as finding your way through endless mazes. As stated on SadSquare Studio’s official website (sadsqaurestudio.com), Hideo Kojima’s ultimately fruitless playable demo P.T. was an inspiration for Visage, as well as other horror greats such as Alien: Isolation and Amnesia: Dark Descent.

SadSquare Studio are promising the player will be so spooked by the household in Visage that the player will genuinely be afraid of their own home long after walking away from the screen. They promise psychological scares as opposed to the “jump-scare” technique seen in so many other games and films. The player won’t be restricted to just the house either, as exploration in other areas will make you actually want to return.

visage 2

You will feel as though there are eyes on you at all times and without any weapons, you will be completely defenseless. Death is a possibility in Visage and without any kind of tutorialdying is almost a certainty.

Using point-and-click mechanics, the player will need to search all over (even if they don’t necessarily have the nerve for it) to find key items to progress the narrative. “Stress” is also a feature in the game that will have certain effects in-game, with a terrifying atmosphere through cleverly-placed darkness and horrifying sounds throughout.

Visage will support Virtual Reality and includes random events that make each playthrough completely different, and it will release on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC (pending funds).

For much more information on Visage, check out the official Kickstarter page where you can back the game, as well as discover possible rewards for doing so, including having your own face in the game.

Yesterday we were gifted an extended gameplay video (more screenshots available on the Kickstarter page), and for more updates on this or any other Single Player game, keep your eyes strapped to OnlySP by following us on Facebook and Twitter (@Official_OnlySP).

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