It’s a shame we didn’t hear about this game earlier, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to overlook it!

The Kickstarter for the ambitious planet management god-game, Universim, is just a little over four days from being over. However, the title still needs to rack in another $20,000 for it to be successful. If this is your first time hearing about Universim, we’d advise you to checkout the trailer for the game below and read a few of the details we’ll post along with it. We’re currently awaiting the developer’s answers for our exclusive interview with them which will air this week.


The Universim is, first and foremost, a planet management game. Your civilization will begin in the Stone Age, thousands of years before the modern era. Research plays a crucial role in the game. For example players will initially need to take on such challenges as reinventing fire in order to survive attacks from wild animals, creating cures for deadly viruses and other potential threats to your civilization. We are developing realistic planets that will have air, weather effects, and varying temperatures as well as natural resources and deadly natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, freak storms and meteors.

In The Universim you have a godlike ability to make decisions that play another crucial role in the game. While you will not interact directly with the population that inhabits your planet, you will be able to guide them through their development and influence their decisions for better or worse. Choices in the game extend from ending wars between cities on your planet or watching as one city destroys the other, to influencing the research path of your civilization, and much much more.

We’ll be sure to provide ample coverage for Universim from here on out. Don’t get too excited about playing the game just yet though as it will not be fully released until sometime in 2016. However, the game is planned for Early Access in 2015, so that should help the wait feel just a little bit shorter.

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