Looking to lose yourself in an open-world of a city full of life? A Place for the Unwilling may be the game for you, and AlPixel Games are looking for backers to get their adventure into your hands.

Citing the brilliant Monkey Island series as their inspiration, AlPixel want to create games that the player can really lose themselves in, meeting genuinely interesting characters and wrapping themselves in a world of intrigue and enigma.

A Place for the Unwilling won’t make you play as the hero of the game, just a regular civilian looking to get by. Of course, not is all as it seems and things will start to take a turn for the worse, but it doesn’t change the fact your character still needs to live his life. Work to earn money, ask for directions, read the newspaper, all of the above. A Place for the Unwilling won’t hold your hand, but it will deliver an intricate city filled to the brim with stories to tell and mysteries to solve. AlPixel are not interested in creating a huge open-world with empty space but a smaller, compact area with a new tale around every corner.

The game will include ‘only’ around 18 characters, but each hand-drawn model is stuffed with their own background and will keep you coming back for more. However, Unwilling is heavily time-based, so managing your schedule is key to revealing the city’s shadowy secrets.

AlPixel games are looking for €20,000 (around $22,000) to fund A Place for the Unwilling for PC with an extra €10,000 to bring it to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There are multiple generous rewards available to backers as well, including t-shirts, figurines and even a chance to write some lore for the game.

For more information including plot details and extra backer rewards, as well of course as your chance to support the game, visit the official Kickstarter page here. You can also follow the Spain-based AlPixel Games on Twitter to keep up to date with their progress.

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Rhys Cooper

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