DisasterCake, the one man team behind the Kickstarted J-RPG, Soul Saga have given backers and RPG enthusiasts an update on the game’s progress.

For those who do not know, Soul Saga is an upcoming episodic turn-based J-RPG which is inspired by old school PlayStation classics such as Final Fantasy VII, Suikoden, and Persona. Soul Saga will be a title with an anime art style, a narrative that is voiced by veteran voice actors (Todd Haberkorn and Kira Buckland) and an engine built up from Unity.

Previous updates have covered soundtracks, a few past character designs, and environment concepts but in this update, Mike Gale (the developer behind the game) has shared his issues with recent freelance concept artists. However, Mike has also provided new character designs and theme for the game.

With Mithos’ design, Gale wanted to return to something similar to the original KickStarter look of the character with a brighter color scheme and a huge sword.


A side character by the name of Elise who was redesigned drastically to fit the story that DisasterCake has planned while fitting the cute but mature motif of her personality. Gale has also revealed that Elise has a mechanical leg which is an important factor of her past.


To finish off the update, the developer revealed another section of the soundtrack by Aivi Tran who has over 14,000 subscribers on YouTube and is composing another J-RPG, Cryamore.  The revealed track is called The Bone Road which encompasses the Goblin culture in Soul Saga.

Soul Saga: Episode 1 is scheduled to release on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita,  Wii U, PC, Linux, and Mac sometime in July 2014.

Source: DisasterCake

Chris Penwell
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