Ken Levine is the creative director of Irrational Games, and was one of the primary designers and writers of the 2007 classic Bioshock. Now, he’s a candidate for one of the most influential people in the world.

Originally working with Looking Glass Studios on Thief: The Dark Project, he went on to co-found Irrational Games and worked on System Shock 2 and Bioshock, both of which are considered milestones in the areas of interactive storytelling and atmosphere. He’s also working on the highly anticipated sequel Bioshock: Infinite set to release this October. Just recently, Time Magazine put him on a potential list of candidates for their list of “100 Most Influential People in the World.” He’s currently in the voting process, with 71.2% of people saying he should be considered.

This is a great opportunity to help a gaming auteur get recognized and solidify the status of games as an art form. I highly suggest you vote for him, which you can do so here.

Michael Urban
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