Katamari Damacy Reroll, the remaster of 2004’s zany Katamari Damacy, is launching on Steam December 7 and Nintendo Switch a fortnight afterward.

After series creator Keita Takahashi took a short hiatus from video games, he returned with a remaster of his seminal title. The Nintendo Switch version will include upscaled graphics and new motion control schemes, whereas the PC version will merely feature updated graphical fidelity.

For those uninitiated into Katamari’s insanity, the object of the game is to roll up as much of the level as possible in a giant ball. The pretense for this activity is to collect enough material from Earth to rebuild the stars, which the protagonist’s father, the King, accidentally destroyed in a fit of binge drinking.

The gameplay involves evading pitfalls, obstacles, and attempting to create the largest ball possible within the time limit. In essence, the game would feel perfect on the Nintendo Switch, especially in mobile play.

The result is a game drenched in bright colours, charm, and a sense of humour that has gone unmatched, even by Japan’s consistent genre-pushing output. Some new cover art was shown, too, which acts as a neat summation of the series’ charm:



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