Swedish developer Avalanche Studios has just announced that its open-world action game Generation Zero has gone gold. The studio also released a brand new dev diary detailing the title’s four-player online co-op mode.

Generation Zero takes place in an alternate post-apocalyptic version of 1980’s Sweden, in which much of the local population has mysteriously vanished. To make matters worse, the streets are patrolled by hostile machines of unknown origin. Players will need quick wits and even faster reflexes to take on the machine menace.

Gamers can take on the challenge of unraveling the mystery of the disappearing populace themselves, or team up with up to three friends to explore the game’s vast world. A new dev diary discusses the team’s goals and ambitions for multiplayer, and details character progression, specialization, and skill trees. The diary also serves as unassailable proof that the men of Avalanche possess the most glorious beards in gaming.

Avalanche is no stranger to open worlds. The Swedish studio is most famous for its work on the Just Cause series, and 2015’s surprisingly well-received Mad Max game. Generation Zero is set for release on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch, on March 26, 2019.

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