The first gameplay trailer for Just Cause 3 has been revealed showing off classic Just Cause action
The first gameplay trailer for Just Cause 3 has been revealed showing off classic Just Cause action

Microsoft’s Gamescom press conference has come and gone. But don’t be sad, it has left us with a lot of new screenshots and footage, including a new trailer for Just Cause 3 titled ‘Burn It’. Let’s not waste any more words, check it out:

Pretty killer right? And before you ask, the song is “Hipster Shake” by the band Black Pistol Fire, and it’s an excellent soundtrack for the trailer. This series has always been a bit of surprise. The first game kind of came out of nowhere for a lot of gamers, and though it didn’t get a ton of recognition, it provided a crazy amount of over-the-top action and gameplay. The sequel took the concept to new levels, Judging from this trailer, they’ve definitely kicked up more than a few notches for Just Cause 3.

The video shows us tons of grappling action, from cars and jeeps to planes and rocketing propane tanks. We also get a nice dose of flying with the wingsuit. The graphics are looking sharp and keeping that bright color palette which has dominated the series. Explosions and fire, and there’s quite a bit of both, have a nice, realistic feel to them.

Just Cause 3 looks to “Set the World on Fire” Dec 1st on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more coverage from OnlySP.

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