Motion controls are normally a gimmick, but not with Hamsterdam, where one hand is used for countering while the other for attacking. Players control Pim, an adorable hamster that may remind people of the old anime Hamtaro. Taught the way of Hamster Kung Fu by his grandpa, he fights off the evil rodents of Marlo’s gang, who are trying to take over the city of Hamsterdam. To learn more about Hamsterdam, check out OnlySP’s interview with Cameron Bajus, a programmer from the developer Muse Games.

The motion controls were shockingly good on the Switch, where the game uses the controls in a smart way. Flicking the left-hand towards enemies that light up white will counter them and then shaking the right-hand will continue with a barrage of attacks. The player should not just shake the controller randomly, because if timed to the combat, like the South Park game, the character will perform stronger and more furious attacks.

While keeping an eye out on countering with the left hand and attacking with the right the game gives some challenge for the player as they get used to being fully aware of enemies. Keeping up with both hands is fun and feels rewarding as the player fights off many enemies, including cutesy enemies such as Bouncer Bunnies and evil rats.

The controls come from the way people naturally interact with touch screens, making for an intuitive gameplay session.

Hamsterdam does not feature a difficulty setting but does allow the player to equip items that make the game harder for those that want even more of a challenge. The customization does affect gameplay but also can make Pim look like many different characters from media, some referenced from movies and other games.

The game features many levels, including boss fights, and bonus stages that act like an endless runner where little Pim finally gets to ride his scooter, that is all he wants to do after all. The boss fights function differently than the normal encounters, some are akin to Punch Out and can vary wildly.

The combat is based on the Batman Arkham series and is arguably more intuitive as the way the game flows does not mean the player can win by just relying on countering. With the well-developed gameplay, Hamsterdam offers a fair amount of replayability as the combat is rewarding and an overall joy to play.

The game is will be releasing on PC, Mobile, Switch, and surprisingly the PlayStation Vita. Having developers show love for the Vita is a great way to help push Sony to make another handheld console in the future and is a great title to pick up for the Vita for those who do not have a Switch.

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