Have you had the chance to play any of the above titles yet? No? Well, you probably should, at the moment they’re some of the best £10 investments you can make by miles. These 3 games offer what’s lacking in so many facets of the gaming industry these days; fresh and innovative approach. They not only provide entirely new ways to experience games, but more importantly are aimed directly at personal reception.

All three games, although technically very different, seem to have a few things in common; new way of introducing narration, often without much dialogue, incredibly artistic imagery and of course, unique gameplay.

Now, the reason I believe the next generation should emphasize such a direction is because we currently seem to be reaching the limits of technological capabilities. There are changes here and there, none of which really have  a heavy impact. And even with more powerful hardware at hands, there is only so much that can be changed. You can make things bigger, faster, technologically smoother and more advanced. You can even improve physics, AI, graphics, but ultimately, the core elements will stay…

Proof of that can be seen in Epic Games’ tech demo Samaritan. As great and promising as it looks, it is nothing but an improved version of what’s already out there. Now that’s fantastic, there is nothing wrong with improving upon an existing formula, but are we really that shallow that our expectations cannot see beyond existing schematics?

Most recently, mobile gaming proved to us gamers that technology is NOT what drives innovation. The Wii shows that often, technological limitations actually allows for greater creativity. Now having said that, I don’t mean next generation consoles should be low on tech-specs, but the industry really needs to find a way to re-innovate itself, not only to keep the mobile competition at bay, but also to finally make its way into the mainstream industry, and receive proper recognition for being next medium of 21 century, combining elements of music, art and storytelling, and really being more than just plain entertainment.

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  1. Dear Esther is nowhere near as good as the other two so i disagree about it. 

  2. I'm all for creativity and finding innovative ways to narrate, but sometimes you just want to turn your brain off and pwn some lambent…

    Just like everything else in life, it's all about balance…

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