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Journey composer Austin Wintory has shared that he often messages users who gift his albums to others on the music platform Bandcamp.

In an exclusive interview with OnlySP, Wintory said that seeing people use his work, such as the soundtrack for Journey, as a way to bring joy to others is special to him.

“My favourite thing ever is when I look through the transcript of transactions on Bandcamp and it can tell me the difference between ‘this person bought the album’ versus ‘this person gifted the album’. And I see when somebody is using this work as a way to bring happiness to someone else.

“I often will literally look up, in the PayPal transcripts, their email address and send them a note to be like ‘I saw that you gifted this album and I just want you to know that it made my day to see that’. Because that, to me, that’s a whole other thing that I could have never have predicted and I would never take that for granted. It’s an amazing thing.”

Stay tuned for the second part of video interview with Wintory later today. In the first part of the interview, Wintory discussed initial predictions on the reception of John Wick Hex .

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