ThatGameCompany revealed today on Twitter and Digital Spy, that their indie hit Journey will be receiving a physical release on the Playstation 4. Included with the retail edition will be two other games by the developer: Flow and Flower. No exact release date has been announced, but the developer gave a tentative window for this summer.


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  1. Loved Journey, just a shame that it was a console exclusive.

  2. Do PS4-only owners not see the writing on the wall? Before you say “Bu, bu, but the Xbone is getting remasters too!” there’s a gigantic difference. Remasters/reissues on the Xbox One are peripheral titles, not the bulk of their library. The PS4’s exclusive library is being filled with them. It’s really a disturbing trend. And we still have no clue about their fall/holiday games.

    1. Why is it disturbing? If I’d been an Xbox convert I feel like I’d appreciate that a few of last gen’s ‘Best Of’ list is coming to this gen.

      Personally I don’t care too much for remasters because I played most of them last gen but it’s not like it’s eating up dev time for new titles.

      What exclusive remasters even are there?
      Last of Us and bunch of indies? Hardly library filing stuff.

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