Jonathon Blow

Jonathon Blow, the designer of indie gems Braid and The Witness, has shown off a very early prototype of his next game at Reboot Develop 2017.

As part of a panel called ‘Making Game Programming Less Terrible’, during which he explains how his team’s development process works, Blow brought up a demo of his newest projects, showing a character pushing blocks around a grid-based platform. As with Blow’s previous titles, this latest seems to be another puzzle-based offering, though the intricacies of it were not detailed at the conference.

At the moment, the game looks quite rough, but that is understandable given its early state of development, and Blow made sure to clarify that the visuals “are not final,” and that the level on display is the only one at present “that actually looks good enough to show.” The brief gameplay demo begins a little over five-and-a-half hours into the stream below.

The game reportedly already has approximately 25 hours worth of single-player content, making it likely to be another title on the scale of The Witness.

Jonathon Blow rose to prominence with 2008’s breakout hit, Braid. Last year, he followed that up with the first-person puzzler The Witness, which OnlySP’s Joanna Nelius scored 8.9/10 and called “an exhilarating puzzle experience.”

Given that Blow’s speech at Reboot Develop focuses on untangling the development process to make things easier and faster, this latest project should be done in a short period than the eight years The Witness took.

OnlySP will continue to follow the development of Blow’s latest project, and plenty else from the world of single-player gaming, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

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