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Heads were slightly turned when John Wick Hex was announced to be a strategy game, but early versions of the title were much more focused on turn-based, tactical gameplay.

In an interview with Gamereactor, director Mike Bithell stated that early versions were “very much like XCOM with one character.” Right now, the game uses the strategy blueprint with real-time mechanics but is balanced by a need to be aware of the timing of actions.

Bithell ditched that XCOM-inspired idea as ” it felt like the AI was playing a much more interesting game than you.” The end design was a game that iterated on the “real-time thing,” resulting in a game that “[gets] the action right.”

Do check out the full interview for some more details on how the developer translated John Wick to a seemingly inappropriate genre.

Hex launches on the Epic Games Store, Mac, and all consoles sometime next year.

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