Epic games have recently made it known through an ad that they are recruiting a new member to develop an unannounced title. The studio have said the title is an “unannounced competitive online action game that includes player progression, heavy itemization, and a dynamic economy.”

The ad asks for a senior system designer to work on one of two projects but notes that in either of the roles they will be playing a part on the design of the most important aspects of the aforementioned unannounced title. The responsibility within this job includes general design, balance, rules, interface, etc. They say the position plays a big role in the outcome of the project.

VG247 contacted Epic and as a result Epic made the following statement saying  “We’re making something new and exciting that doesn’t fit easily into some existing genre. It’s going to be uniquely Epic, but we have nothing further to announce at this time.”

Source: Epic Games Career Center, VG247 Via: NeoGAF 

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