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Kojima Releases Nostalgic Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Launch Trailer

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  1. EA can have a strong influence on the weak minded…

  2. Not for me.

  3. I don’t think it is OK but rather kind of frightening. Lack of depth in both Titanfall and Evolved led to their downfalls and I’m hesitant to believe that EA and DICE has showed enough to warrant the price tag. It would be OK if, like Jay said, if there was enough content but I’m just not seeing it. I’m huge Star Wars fan but also a huge fan of the first two Battlefront games. So far, I’d probably go back and play the old games as what they’ve shown won’t get me to spend the money.

    Don’t get me wrong, the visuals and attention to detail in this game so far look amazing. But when you have a crowded release window this Fall with the likes of other huge multiplayer titles like Black Ops 3, it is hard to justify.

  4. I for one as a fan am pised and will not ever buy this game, due to the way mickle Moore acted. He was very in simpothetick and I hate playing online that’s why I loved bf1 and bf2. In my opinion ea just turned to the dark Side and stabbed all the fans.

    1. …simpothetick?

  5. I think if a game wants to be single-player only that’s fine. If a game wants to be multiplayer-only that’s also fine. Not every game out there is going to be aimed at me and if not I can just play one that is instead. I see people demanding MP or another mode in single-player games even though there are already plenty of other games (particularly in the FPS genre for MP) that do already feature those modes.

    I’m not a fan of games that try to mix SP/MP though. Dragon Age: Inquisition now has single-player items that can only be unlocked by playing multiplayer even though these items can’t be used in MP. Multiplayer is also going to have more involvement in Mass Effect: Andromeda if the leaked info about the game turns out to be true.

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