With its launch just around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at what could make this the sleeper hit of 2013.

Remember Me is the debut title from French developer Dontnod Entertainment. The game was originally a PS3 exclusive, but when Sony began to push for changes Dontnod instead dropped them as a publisher and chose to go their own way, eventually signing with Capcom as its new publisher.


The game is set in the dystopian city of Neo-Paris in the year 2084. You play as Nilin, a memory hunter for the Memorize corporation who, for reasons unknown, wipe your own memory and begin to hunt you down. You must regain your past, find out why it was taken from you, and generally thwart the plans of your former employers.

At first glance, Remember Me looks to contain elements of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Mirror’s Edge, with a highly technological setting, plenty of leaping around, parkour-style gameplay, and a female protagonist. You cannot use weapons, but Nilin can chain together combos of attacks in order to overcome her foes. Some of these can be defensive in nature (restoring health, for example), others are focused on offensive power and taking people down quickly, and you can mix and match as you see fit and ready multiple combos for different situations.


Nilin also has the unique ability to change the memories of certain people she encounters in order to alter their perception. For example, you might find someone who really has it in for you, and so you manipulate their memory and change them into someone who will help, rather than hinder your progress. This is known as “memory remixing”, and Dontnod have said it will be a pivotal part of the gameplay, to where your progression will be tied to changing the memories of people around you to enlist their aid.

I’m personally a sucker for futuristic RPG-style titles, and from screenshots and videos it appears that Dontnod have really nailed their vision of the future, from high-rise company offices to the cheaper, more murky areas for the proles. I only hope the gameplay stands up, as Remember Me could be the game that came from nowhere to fill in my post-BioShock funk.

Remember Me is released on 4th June in North America and 7th June in the EU on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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  1. Just to be fair, from someone who has played Mirror’s Edge a TON and seen all the footage of Remember Me, they are nothing alike. The only similarity is that they both have a female protagonist, but aside from that, the art, gameplay, and story are nothing alike.

  2. Hey my names spidey and I have found the perfect the song to go with this game its powerless br linkin park and I’m uber syched for this game it comes out literally 6 days before my birthday and I can’t wait I the story is at least 15 or so hours of gameplay with good replay value.

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