A user with a leaked copy of Fallout 4 has posted a video online to show you how long it would take to run across Bethesda’s latest open world.

The user in the video sprints across the map to see how long it would take someone to go from one corner of the map to the next. According to the video below, it took the user 11 minutes to run from one end to the other, so that’s a relatively large map. You can check out the video for yourself just below.

Keep in mind that the video potentially contains spoilers of the places you’ll visit in the game, or creatures you might see. So if you’re trying to go into Fallout 4 with as little information as possible you might want to avoid the video. You should also keep in mind that most Bethesda games are densely packed with content, so even though the player has trekked across the world in 11 minutes it will obviously take much, much longer to see everything that Fallout 4 has to offer. But you obviously knew that.

Bethesda itself estimates it will take players around 400 hours to see everything Fallout 4 has to offer.

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Nick Calandra
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