Independent video game developer Ironheart has released the first teaser trailer for its new narrative-focused action-adventure exploration game, The Wayward Isles.

The trailer does not offer much in the way of details, but does provide a brief glimpse of the player-character, Scyld, walking through a graphically impressive dock and a few other minor scenes. The rest of the game world’s environment, including an enigmatic Groot-looking creature, is depicted through a slideshow of artwork. The teaser trailer is embedded below.

According to Ironheart, The Wayward Isles will feature “elements of combat and puzzle-solving but the emphasis is largely on story and atmosphere.” Ironheart drew much of the game’s inspiration from Scandinavian folklore and culture. The game will also feature magic, but Ironheart hopes to provide a more realistic atmosphere than similar titles.

Players will not only have to endure Scyld’s old rivals, but also have to negotiate a culture and play by rules they may not quite understand at first. The game is meant to be an immersive experience unlike most others in that the fostering of relationships may make or break the player’s chances of success.

The Wayward Isles looks to be in the same vein as the lead developer’s previous game, Spirits of Xanadu. However, where Spirits of Xanadu offered space exploration, The Wayward Isles seems much more grounded. In addition, The Wayward Isles will use the CovertEngine, a game engine developed by Ironheart specifically for this project.

The game is the first title being developed by Ironheart, an independent company comprised of veterans in the video game industry. Their goal is to make “the sort of games we would like to play ourselves.” Ironheart plans to release The Wayward Isles for PC and Mac, with the possibility of console versions to come at a later date.

Ironheart plans to fund the game through Kickstarter later in 2017, with the goal being to release The Wayward Isles in 2018.

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