Iron Harvest

KING Art Games’s Iron Harvest has become the most successful Kickstarter-funded video game in almost a year, raising just short USD$1.3 million.

That tally covers the money raised from the Kickstarter campaign, but the developer has also been running a concurrent campaign on its own store, which pushed the total funding over $1.5 million, more than triple the original goal of $450,000. This success ensures that all of the stretch goals will make it into the project, including New Game +, a skirmish mode, and an additional free DLC campaign.

For those unfamiliar, Iron Harvest takes place in the same World of 1920+ universe as the 2016 board game, Scythe, but is not an adaptation nor share mechanics. The project was conceived by KING Art Games as a response to modern RTS games, and will prize tactics over action, freedom over set-pieces, and narrative over monetisation.

The developers intend to have an alpha version of the title ready later this year, with a full release scheduled for late 2019.

Iron Harvest is the fourth crowdfunding effort for KING Art Games and, by far, its most successful, following on from The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 and The Dwarves.

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Damien Lawardorn
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