Iron Danger

The debut footage for Action Squad Studios’s Iron Danger has arrived, showing off the title’s complex time-altering gameplay.

The video (embedded below) shows off a short snippet of gameplay with two player-controlled characters attempting to fight off a group of augmented Northlander soldiers. A highlight of the video is the way players are able to pause and rewind the pseudo-real-time combat gameplay to explore almost innumerable strategies.

As in the original teaser trailer made available at the game’s announcement several months ago, the rustic, dynamic environment bears similarities to Divinity: Original Sin 2, but the gameplay is wholly unique, being fast, frenetic, and extremely hands-on.

Players may assume that the ability to meddle with time is overpowered, but, given the snippet’s conclusion, the difficulty seems balanced enough to assuage any such fears.

Inspired by Finnish folklore, Iron Danger casts players as Kipuna, a village girl caught up in a war between the apostate city of Kalevala and the Northfolk who finds herself imbued with the ability to manipulate time. With this power, Kipuna sets out on a journey to collect the shards of a mystic crystal to prevent them being used for destructive purposes.

The developer promises that the game features no grinding, with character development tied to player actions.

Iron Danger is scheduled to release across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One some time in 2019. More details on the title are available on its Steam page.

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