Finnish developer Action Squad Studios has announced its new project, Iron Danger, which, according to the project’s pre-alpha gameplay trailer, appears to be a genre-bending take on the RPG format.

The trailer covers everything from the title’s combat, which includes rewinding mechanics to add a fresh spin on tactical RPG gameplay, to a look of the game’s naval travel and artstyle. Aesthetically, Iron Danger looks like a slightly more cartoonish Divinity: Original Sinbut the project works hard to differentiate itself from the tactical RPG crowd.

Seeing as Iron Danger is an RPG, it focuses heavily on story development, but Action Squad is shedding itself of the shackles of the genre by minimising grinding, instead opting for a more organic, natural levelling arc for player characters. Story-wise, much like this year’s smash hit God of War, Iron Harvest has entrenched itself in the Nordic mythos, particularly Kalevala and Finnish folklore.

The title tells a story of a girl named Kipuna, who becomes imbued with an omnipotent power that involves dominion over time and death. Players will control a group of unsung heroes, led by Kipuna, as they travel to the city of Kalevala whilst battling all sorts of Nordic nasties along the way.

Iron Danger will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with the pre-alpha trailer embedded below:

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Ben Newman

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