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IO Interactive has partnered with US-based motion capture studio Animation Vertigo to help create new entries in the Hitman series.

Although the specific titles that will benefit from this new deal have not been officially announced, the press release specifically mentions a “new offering” separate from the recently-concluded Hitman episodic series. Given that a second season of that game has been hinted at in the past, this new partnership will likely be related to the content for that release.

Animation Vertigo has a relatively low profile, but the company has worked with a number of noteworthy games developers, including Quantic Dream and High Moon Studios, and most recently teamed with Infinity Ward for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The company is well-respected within the industry for providing solid results.

The most recent Hitman game was released in six parts across the course of 2016, as well as featuring more frequent content updates, before a collected edition was made available at retail in January this year. OnlySP’s DJ Arruda called it one of the better, though most overlooked, productions of 2016.

Alongside the reported second season of Hitman, IO Interactive is also rumoured to be in the early stages of developing a new IP, based on information gleaned from a recent job listing.

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